Getting To Know The Effects of Music on Plant Growth

music effect on plantsThe words “music” and “plants” do not really go together; in fact, it is quite uncommon for us to even hear songs with lyrics pertaining to plants unless the songs were specifically addressed to environmental issues. Although these two words are not often associated with each other, music actually has a positive impact on plants. That’s right, music does not only please human beings but also plants. Just like how we tend to become relaxed or energized when we listen to music, plants, too, tend to do well when exposed to songs. However, not all types of music give the same effect to plants.

Effect of Music

Several studies have been conducted with regards to the effect of music on plants. Most, if not all studies, found that music has positive effects on plants specifically on its growth. One of the most significant studies conducted in this area was that of Dr. Singh from India. Results of his first study which employed classical music showed that exposure to music yielded to an accelerated growth of balsam plants by 20% in height and about 72% in biomass. In his following studies, he concluded that violin sounds did the best for plants.

Other researchers explored this area as well and found out that music did affect plants in one way or another. An owner of a greenhouse found that plants exposed to loud and rock music did not experience positive effects; as a matter of fact, these plants deteriorated and died. As for the other experiments, they found that plants thrive on classical music.

The positive effects of music may be in the form of better harvest yields or in other cases, the plants become thicker and greener when exposed to the right type of music. These effects have the potential in helping the environment. The effect of music on plants is largely attributed to its sensory perceptions. A research conducted by an American horticulturist Burbank found that plants may have approximately 20 sensory perceptions. This may be the reason why plants react positively to the vibrations brought about by music. As for rock music, however, it seems that the heavy vibrations bring more pressure to the plants which is no longer conducive; hence, the negative effect.

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Bottom Line

Several scientists and researchers do not really agree with what has been discussed above. Many jump to conclusions and try to debunk the theories which resulted from the many researchers and experiments done on music and plants; however, other researchers are trying to look at the results in another point of view. Some researchers believe that the positive effects are due to the special care and attention received by plants; this is supported by a study conducted by Bose, an Indian plant physiologist, which found that plants react to the attitude with which they are nurtured.

That said, it is safe to try and do your own little experiment with your plants. You may even try exposing them to heavy metal music played with a metal amp which you can get from to see if the results would be same as that of the previous experiments.