Environment Assessment and Drones: How They Can Help See Environmental Damage

Studies have show that the rate of environmental damage has been ever increasing since the Industrial Revolution. Natural resources have been gobbled up in an alarming rate in order to feed the industrial machines that we have created and utilized by the millions, if not billions.

The alarming rate of natural resource extractions have been followed with the rise of wastage production. Clearly, the environmental set-up of today is in a bad shape.

The environmental damage that we humans have caused has gave rise to movements all around the globe pertaining to the preservation of Mother Earth. Countless non-governmental groups, government agencies and international bodies has been created or spurned into action because of the alarming deterioration of our environment. The impending doom of environmental doomsday animated others for the purpose of conserving Mother Earth.

Environmental Assessment

The battle against the deterioration of the environment is a multi-faceted one. The first step is the promulgation of sound policies in order to accomplish the fancied results. However, this primordial step cannot be done in the vacuum. Policy makers cannot immediately start making policies without data. This is where assessment is needed.

Environmental Assessment has one purpose and that is to know the extent of the damage that we have caused. Survey teams are all around the world to gather the needed data for our fight against ourselves .An undertaking of this magnitude will need the help of a lot of instruments. Some instruments, like computers, have been used by the survey teams for years. Some instruments, however, are new to the arsenal.

Drone Usage in AssessmentĀ 

Drones have only been largely available for general consumption for the past decade. Before that, only military have utilized drones to the fullest. Drones were usually used for surveying and photography by the militaries of the world. Of course, these activities were directed towards other countries in order to spy on them.

The proliferation of drones in the market has caused an explosion of innovative ideas. Photographers have used drones in order to capture images that were impossible before the usage of drones. Drones have also been used to facilitate Environmental Assessment.

Aerial MappingĀ 

Drones have largely been used for aerial mapping. In the past, satellites were used in order to map the surface of the world and to look for signs of environmental damage. However, the satellites can only do so much.

The distance between the surface of the Earth and the satellites in orbit will always entail that the data being obtained might be distorted. The drones can bridge the gap by flying over any given area and collect the data with more clarity.

Aerial mapping have been used during natural calamities like typhoons and floods. Maps formed by said drones can be used to not only map the extent of the damage of said natural calamities but also to map the populace that are in need of help.

Drones have surely given us another edge to solve the environmental crisis that we ourselves have caused. We have the tools to solve the problem. We only have to persevere in order to solve environmental deterioration.

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